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This is a platform for students of P G DIPLOMA IN BIOTECHNOLOGY ( TISSUE CULTURE) where they can get informations regarding the course and its future prospects.The course is being conducted in D. N. POLYTECHNIC MEERUT  and Govt Polytechnic Faizabad under board of technical education U P Lucknow since 1996.


Micropropagation of true to type and disease free ornamental plants, fruit and forest trees in large number through tissue culture throughout the year has already been highly commercialized into multi million dollar industry in India and abroad. Various techniques of plant tissue and cell cultures viz; wide hybridization through embryo rescue, somatic cell hybridization, callus cultures from another culture, genetic engineering and genetic transformation are being extensively used for plant improvement synthetic/artificial seeds are being produced through somatic embryogenesis.The plant cells are grown in bioreactors for production of secondary plant metabolites and bioprocessing.

The plants multiplied or regenerated through tissue cultures have to be suitably acclimatised and hardened for long distance transportation and field plantation, in green houses with controlled temperature,humidity and light regimes.Both imported and indigenously developed green house technology is in great demand for production of high valued ornamental and off season vegetables for export.

Bioreactors and fermentors are being used for bulk production of biopesticides, biofertilizers, antibiotics,vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and food processing using various micro-organisms. Animal cell culture has vast application and potential in human and animal health care diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries for production of diagnostic kits,antibodies, vaccines, drug testing embryo transfer technology andgenetic engineering.Keeping in view the application of tissue culture in various biotechnological approaches for plant, animal and microbial improvement, production and utilization, considerable number of trained technicians are required to meet the research and development and industrial manpower requirements. It is anticipated that the technicians trained under this programme will find wage and self-employment opportunities in the

following  areas:-

1. Plant propagation and improvement

2. Green house fabrication installations, operation and maintenance

3. Research and Development Activities in Universities and Institutes

4. Health care and pharmaceutical industries

5. Biopesticides and biofertilizer industries

6. Development departments and corporations of agriculture,

horticulture and forestry etc.

7. Food industry

Lateral entry in M.Sc. :-    The students of P G DIPLOMA in Biotech (tissue culture) after completing  the course , are eligible for admission in 2nd year of M.Sc. Biotech  in some universities such as maharaj vinayak global university jaipur ,rajasthan  ,and shobhit university meerut ..